September 27, 2016

Geoffrey Geist

Geoffrey Geist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Whether he’s on the course, doing a project, or out on the town, you’ll find Geoffrey all over Detroit. He loves finding “the why” and creating new experiences for himself and others. He wishes he was still in the 90s and loves competing.

He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in advertising and is a fervent supporter of MSU and the city of Detroit. He loves to travel and uses social media frequently to document his experiences. His favorite food is steak fajitas and puts hot sauce on nearly everything.

Geoffrey comes to Franco from General Motors, where he was a specialist on the social media team, focusing on luxury clients. He is a member of the AdCraft club of Detroit and has held positions at a variety of other Metro Detroit companies including Quicken Loans, Team Detroit/GTB and Treat Dreams.

Follow him on Twitter: @mynameisGEOFF