Social media and public relations go together like coffee and donuts
(we love both). One is unquestionably better with the other. Franco has helped clients launch, enhance and manage their digital strategies since the early days. We’ve been at the forefront of social media for fearless consumer brands, as well as helped conservative businesses find their place in the overwhelming social scene.

Today, our services include social media strategy, content creation, influencer programs, community management, social media advertising, event-specific campaigns, crowdsourcing, contests, design, and crisis management. We have a dedicated social media team that includes strategic leadership to community management and content specialists.

They work together with our public relations and marketing specialists to deliver smart, integrated, and effective programs for consumer and business clients. And when we can click on all cylinders – public relations, marketing and social media – that’s when the real magic happens.

We emphasize listening, strategy, authenticity, and customer service in our approach to social media. We consider a client’s overarching goals and develop strategies for each network and specific campaigns. And we show our clients the value of social media. We track data, capture conversions, and measure our programs against monthly and yearly goals. One of our favorite social media pastimes is setting new stretch goals when we outperform ahead of schedule.