Understanding Facebook Advertising

While online advertising has been in the advertiser’s toolbox for some time now, social media options like Facebook advertising might be unchartered territory for some. As an agency, we provide clients with options and recommendations to reach their audiences. More and more, we find ourselves talking about Facebook advertising as a targeted and economical tool
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Paid, owned and earned media – Finding the right balance

One of the most important decisions a company can make while constructing its media strategy is to decide the type and location of content that will have the greatest influence on its audience. For many, the first question that comes up in making this decision is whether to focus on creating paid, owned or earned
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Finding your niche in PR

The key to loving what you do is finding what you’re good at and matching it with what you’re passionate about. If you’re thinking about a career in PR, here are some skills any pro must have: Ability to think and write like a reporter. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, in both writing and
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