Mud, Logs and Trails – Ride and Drive Events and the Media

The automotive industry has some of the savviest event marketers, practically inventing the product launch process. One way to get media access to the latest and greatest vehicles is through local ride and drive events staged all over the country. These take place on different terrains; everything from race courses to mud tracks, ice and
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Five Things I Learned at the Digital Summit Detroit

For the second year in a row, I’ve had the chance to attend the Digital Summit Detroit. This is hands down one of the best conferences I’ve attended and highly recommend that you go if you have the chance. Now that I’ve had some time to process the information and put it into practice, I’m
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Inspired by TEDxDetroit

“When you share your story in the presence of a community, you have the power to change lives.” TEDxDetroit speaker Satori Shakoor Thank you, TEDxDetroit for shining your light on the greatness of this city and our people. There is nothing like being among a group of Detroiters with good ideas and good intentions who
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Detroit Inspires Me

Why “Detroit Inspires Me”

After a rousing TEDxDetroit brainstorm, our team took TEDx’s basic question, “If you had the world’s attention for a few minutes, what would you share?” and answered it. We unanimously decided that we wanted to share our passion, the places and ideas that got us excited to come to work in the morning. What inspires
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Franco Launches New Brand

Welcome to Franco! We are proud to reveal the next generation of the Franco brand — a celebration of our past, present and future. Franco has been a leader in public relations in Detroit and beyond for more than five decades. We’re story tellers, but we’re usually helping our clients refine their messages, their strategies
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