Video is an essential component of an integrated public relations strategy. You hear it all the time: show, don’t tell. What better way to “show” than through video?

The best way to successfully tell your organization’s story is through excellent video writing. This means the script and narration need to be expertly aligned. So, repeat after me:

I, Words, do take thee, Video, to have and to hold, as we march through storytelling, linked through the skill and imagination of the feckless writer who bound us together forever on video.

I promise to always refer to your wondrous pictures and depend on you to illustrate and support my prose.

Till print do we part.

In a perfect world, you know what you’re going to shoot (aka the story). You shoot it and string it together in a way that’s compelling. However, sometimes you’ll shoot something (an event for example) and have to discover, write and then put together your story.

In both cases it’s crucial to never write a sentence that can’t be illustrated with video or graphics. Video and narration must support each other. Period. This means it’s important to:

  • Keep sentences short and conversational.
  • Remember to think in soundbites (i.e., spoken word) that’s approximately 12 to 20 seconds long. (Avoid long passages of narration by strategically inserting soundbites or natural sound.)
  • Use graphics to visualize numbers or non-visual points.
  • Keep the screen moving. Static shots are boring.
  • If you’re short on video/visuals, then keep the story tight.

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Integrated Media Consultant Ed Garsten and Video Production Specialist Nate Adkins contributed to this post.