Ashley Dupuy Mancuso

Senior Designer

Ashley lives for nature. Come spring you will find her packing up her tent and looking for the next great camping adventure. She loves the endless scenic beauty Michigan has to offer, a place where phones lose service and nature is enough entertainment.

When she’s not out in the woods, she’s nestled in her Corktown studio, screen printing all types of materials or meticulously designing and crafting a friend’s wedding invitations.

Ashley serves a variety of Franco’s clients as the in-house graphic designer, from developing social media ads to creating new materials that strengthen the aesthetic of each client, and everything in between.

Prior to joining Franco, Ashley gained experience as the design coordinator at Porter One Design, creating successful branding and print materials, and interned at AutoWeek Magazine and Hour Magazine where she learned the importance of deadlines and strong design. She has also freelanced with firms both in and outside of Michigan.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College for Creative Studies with a concentration in photography and a minor in graphic design and advertising.