Nikki Little

VP Of Strategy

Nikki thrives on purpose and impact. Loyalty, gratitude and well-being are her core values (she credits Brené Brown’s books with helping her identify those values). When Nikki commits to something, she pours her heart and soul into it and won’t give up until the job is not just done but done well. Case in point – pushing through her first half-marathon and refusing to walk even though she had a horrible cold on race day.

She spent many years being the “raise your hand and say yes to everything” type of person – which fueled her voracious desire to learn and grow professionally. Nikki credits her identical twin boys and unapologetically committing to at least 7 hours of sleep with helping her be more selective now about how she spends her time. When it comes to designing her day, she’s a firm believer in the Marie Kondo mentality of what brings the most joy…while also being equipped to take on the inevitable curveballs that don’t fall within the joy category!

Nikki loves to read, work out and play tennis – and she may occasionally choose cleaning and organizing as a method of relaxation. But nothing fills her cup more than spending time with her husband and boys.

As Franco’s VP of Strategy, Nikki oversees strategic initiatives for clients and the agency, with a specific focus on integrating and aligning communications services for maximum results. Nikki also manages digital marketing efforts for the agency. Nikki’s career has come full circle – her first job out of college in January 2007 was at Franco, where she spent three years working her way up from an Assistant Account Executive to a Senior Account Executive.

Prior to re-joining Franco in September 2019, Nikki served as the Director of Communications at White Glove, where she managed all internal and external communications efforts for the company. Nikki also spent 7.5 years at Identity, starting as a Social Media Specialist and eventually moving into the Director of Social Media role.

Outside of her role at Franco, Nikki publishes The MichComms Report – the only bi-weekly e-newsletter that caters to communications professionals in Michigan. She also serves on the executive communications committee for Impact100 Oakland County.