Tracy Wolf

Account Executive

Some say Tracy was born a few decades too late, but she makes it work here in the twenty-first century. While she loves life in the city, there’s no place she’d rather be than on one of Michigan’s beautiful lakes.

Tracy starts each day with a hot cup of black coffee and doesn’t go to bed until she feels like she accomplished something. A bonafide wordsmith, her true passion is writing. Luckily for her, she fell into a field that truly fits her passion for storytelling and a good challenge.

As an account executive on Franco’s nonprofit and consumer teams, Tracy helps clients tell their stories through writing, media relations, program management and a trained eye for detail.

Prior to joining Franco, Tracy held an internship at SS Digital Media, where she learned the ropes of agency life and honed her digital marketing, social media and content development skills. As a Warrior, she was the director of fundraising for the Wayne State University Marching Band as well as a writer/editor for school newspaper, The South End.

Tracy earned her Bachelor of Arts in public relations with a minor in new media from Wayne State University.